Fitness for Busy Mamas

Are you feeling droopy? Wondering why you have so little strength in your arms or back? Is your energy level crawling slower than your baby? We have just the thing (and we're not trying to sell you anything). We call it the "Go, Mama Workout" and it only takes 10-15 minutes to get the real job done. The fun part is you can follow our workout plans like "The Bertha" or create your own and modify the exercises to fit your own abilities.

We recently gave a tag team talk on "Fitness for Busy Mamas" at North Side Church's MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. The ladies showed up in sweats and tennies and jumped in. Here are some ideas we shared with them. We welcome your feedback, questions and even success/failure stories.

By Ericlee Gilmore

“Go Mama” Workout Tips:

• Keep the workout short and speedy so it combines cardio and strength training.

• Constantly change it up because your body adapts to a stimulus.

• Focus on the gymnastic exercises (body weight) first and then move to weight lifting exercises.

• All exercises can be done anywhere – you do not need expensive equipment.

• Plan to go two days a week to start and work up to five days a week.

• Reps and rounds should always be different.

• Compete against yourself for motivation. (How long does it take or how many rounds can you finish?)

• Consider putting 2-3 gymnastics together and that could be your workout or add one from each of the following categories.

• Remember it is about intensity and duration. If you want it easier, then lower intensity and duration. If not, then raise it.

Mix and match the following exercises:




-Air squats




Weight lifting

-Shoulder press

-Chest press

-Bicep Curl

-Tricep Extension



-Jumping Jacks


-Jump Rope

-Running – 30 seconds

-Running – 2-3 minutes

The first few times may seem hard but push through and see how much just a short workout can do for you, your stress level and even your family.


Jenn said...

Thanks for posting on this.
I was just getting back into my workouts this morning and thinking, "I've done the same thing for 4 years! I'm bored to death! I need to find something else to keep me motivated and to change up the routine."
Now you've given me some things to work with!

Niana's Mommy said...

I'm a visual person. I need video :) Dorina, are you planning on making a Go Mama Workout Video? That would be great!

The Gilmores said...

A Video would be fun! Now I just need to find a cameraman! We could demonstrate some of the movements...

jnmpusey said...

IM glad you posted this! Every time I see it on facebook.. I imagine you doing something I can't do... lol :) BUT THIS seems possible! Yeay! Um, Ill videotape you... on my little personal unprofessional video camera. Then U-tube it? :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have any ideas for a person who has a compressed disc in there back?
Christine Johnson

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