Go, Mama Workout #4 - aka "The Bertha"

My hubby's back to making me "Go, Mama workouts" since I like to change it up as often as possible. If you are new to the concept, check out my initial blog on the topic. I'm trying to find unique workouts I can do at home with kids in the vicinity. These take 15 minutes or less and are great for toning your body and getting your metabolism cranking.

Here's The Bertha...

*15 Bulgarian lunges (These babies will burn a little more than regular lunges. Put your back foot on a low stool or a second stair in your house. Keeping the foot on this ledge, lunge forward using opposite arms to maintain balance.)

*15 chest press (Use the ball to lay on your back and press together a set of dumbbells above your head. I use 8 lbs. If you don't have dumbbells, look for objects you have around your house like bags of flour or canned goods.)

*15 tricep curls (Sit on the ball with back straight. Put hands on either side of a dumbbell. Raise above your head. Guide dumbbell behind your head and then extend your arms at the elbows.)

*15 crunches (Lay with the small of your back on the stability ball.)

Questions? Comments? Great success to share? Let us know what you think!


nates5bs said...

This is the one he said I should start with because of only having a exercise ball and some cans of food as my weights. I think I will try what you suggested...vary things a bit so that the same muscles are not burning so much!

Michelene said...

Fun to see these every once in a while. Is Ericlee wanting these to be for time like on crossfit.com? Thanks for the Go Mama, we all need to be on the move, for sure!

The Gilmores said...

Yes, Michelene, Ericlee has me do these for time. I have a little chart in my workout room and I write down my time every time I do a workout. It's fun to try and get a personal record but there's not a lot of pressure since I compete against myself. This same idea is outlined in the Crossfit workouts.

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