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We consider part of our healthy journey to stay physically fit and enjoy exercise. My baby girl is three months old now. For the last three months, I've been walking, swimming, running occasionally even doing a little yoga but nothing consistent. It's time for this mama to kick it into gear. My hubby is a personal trainer and it's about time I put his skills to work right here at home. I asked him to come up with some unique workouts I could do at home in a relatively short amount of time.

Ericlee made up the following three workouts for me using the concept of Crossfit. That is a style of exercise that blurs the lines between cardio and strength and emphasizes fun, unique workouts. Each workout has a competitive flair because you race against a stop watch and try to beat your last time at the routine. We decided to use equipment we have at home but these are pretty inexpensive to buy. (In other words, no gym membership required and your kiddos can run around the room while you're doing it!)

What you need:
1 workout ball
1 pair of 8-lb. dumbbells (or more - that's all I can handle these days since I already carry around a chubby 15-pound 3-month-old on a regular basis)
1 stretch-resistant band

WORKOUT #1: (3 rounds)

*15 Bulgarian standing lunges (Back leg should be propped up on a step, stool or chair and you lunge down with the opposite forward/leg)

*15 Chest presses (Lay on top of the ball at the middle of the back and do a chest press with your dumb bells, touching them together in the middle above your head.)

*15 Triceps curls with hands on each side of one dumbbell (Keep your elbows pointing forward and arms close to your ears. Lower the weight behind your head, bending at the elbows.)

*15 Crunches on the ball (Make and X across your chest with your arms. Lay down with the ball at the small of your back and crunch upwards.)

WORKOUT #2: (3 rounds)

*15 Wall squats with arm curls (Stand against a wall with the ball at the middle of your back against the wall. Spread feet shoulder-width apart. Put dumbbell in each hand and squat like you're siting down in a chair.)

*15 Shoulder press (Sit on the ball, holding dumb bell in each hand and pressing weights together in an arch over your head.)

*15 Mountain climbers, alternating legs (Make your body look alike a mountain with hands and feet on the ground. Kick opposite legs with one bent and one straight simultaneously moving like you're climbing.)

*15 V-ups (Lay down on the ground. Bend at your waist and bring your hands to your feet in the air, forming a V)

WORKOUT #3: (3 rounds)

*15 Burpees (Jump into the air and clap your hands above your head. Then touch the ground and kick your legs back like you're going to do a push-up. Bring legs back in.)

*15 Lawnmower pulls (Put dumb bell into one hand while the other hand rests on the ball. Lean over the ball with back straight and legs comfortably spread in a walking position. Lift arm like you're starting a lawnmower. Do 15 and then switch dumb bell to other arm.)

*15 Sit-ups

*15 Supermans (Lay down on the ground with face to ground. Touch toes to ground with heels up and fingers in a thumb-up position. Lift thumbs and heels up with legs straight. Only stomach should stay on the ground for this exercise.)

Any questions about the exercises? Leave us a comment and we'll explain more or post pics. More "Go, Mama" workouts to come...if you all express your interest. Post your times for fun and we'll all race against the clock. These workouts are cheap and time-effective!

My goal is to do two of these workouts a week for starters and run two days a week (2.2 mile-loop by my house) What's your goal? Go, Mama!

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susan holman said...

Great! I am ready to join you in Go Mama workouts! Thanks for posting this! It looks fun and easy to do with kids in the house :)

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