Always ready for a challenge: 100 Days of Real Food

We are embarking on a new food journey.

For the next 100 days we will be joining a community of 100-some friends across the nation who are committed to making changes in the way they eat to embrace more real foods.

Blogger Lisa Leake of 100 Days of Real Food inspired this community challenge. Our friend Forest dreamed up the idea of uniting on a Facebook group and sharing our journey together. We've been sending out messages to friends for the last week to encourage them to be a part of the conversation and accountability.

Although our family pretty much eats according to the 100 Days "rules" already, we were excited to jump in, tweak some things (We are definitely not perfect!) and encourage others. This is also a great excuse to get back to my food blogging and cooking up some new recipes too.

We hosted a potluck at our house on Sunday for the 100 Days of Real Food friends. We had a yummy spread of summer-inspired food, including grilled corn with cilantro-butter, grilled garlic chicken, pita and hummus, tabbouleh salad.

 We served up a salad topped with sweet potatoes sauteed in coconut oil, honey walnuts and feta cheese. (It's one of our faves for parties.)

Our friend brought this "Sweet Potato Pie" topped with fresh pineapple wedges to go with our Flourless Chocolate Truffle Torte (recipe coming soon) to serve for dessert. The group shared different reasons why they were taking on the challenge and ways we could support each other. We perused cookbooks, web sites and swapped ideas for meal plans.

The group also inspired me to actually type out my meal plans this week. (I normally write out my plans in an old-fashioned calendar and do lots of erasing and scratching out through the week.) Hope this will be helpful to some of you as you plan as well. I know I love gleaning ideas from others and customizing them for our family.

Meal Plans - August 20-26, 2012

The good news: we all survived Day 1. The biggest challenge for me is to get the fruits & veggies & healthy snacks prepared before the kids and I need them. When it comes to dealing with a ravenous 6-year-old and a whiny 3-year-old and a mama who just worked out, I know I have to be able to "grab and go." This means doing some cooking the night before or prep work cutting up fruits and veggies in the morning.

My "yay moment" was when Meilani came home from her first day of first grade and asked for "the same lunch tomorrow" because she loved what we packed today! Big thanks to Heather Fenton for the tabbouleh, which I mixed with tuna then packed a container of carrots, broccoli and hummus and a separate bag of grapes and honey walnuts. Of course, mama forgot to pack a spoon and my girl was too shy to ask for one on her first day so she ate all this with her hands. Messy tuna salad. Sigh.

We are very interested to hear your tricks and tips for adding healthy foods to your kids lunches. Leave a comment.

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