New Year's Pantry Challenge: Make leftovers an Event, Day 5

Today's Menu:
Waffles with Strawberry Jelly & Honey

Leftover Fried Rice
Leftover Mashed Potatoes


Falafel sandwiches on Naan bread (which I found in the freezer yesterday)
Garlic-yogurt sauce

Friday is Fun Day in the Gilmore house. That means I try to put on my creative mama hat and think up fun outings and ways to spend quality time with my girls. Today I also learned a very important lesson about leftovers: They taste so much better when you make them an event.

This morning the sun was hiding in our neck of the woods but there was plenty of fun inside. We set the table like a tea party - complete with Giada's new Magic Tea Party Set from Christmas - and had a par-tay! I toasted yesterday's leftover waffles, got out the honey and surveyed the condiments. Strawberry jam sounded very tea partyish so we got that out too. I poured some milk as our English-style "tea" and we had fun dipping our "tea cakes" and licking honey off our fingers. Mama even licked the honey jar - much to my girls squealing delight. (Take that, Pooh Bear!) This meal would even be fun for lunch or dinner, which may even add to the novelty of it all.

Tonight's meal was Falafel sandwiches, which is another one of my "Budget Bites" or cheap meals to make on the fly. They are little patties made out of chickpeas that are wonderful with hummus and a garlic-yogurt sauce. I think the traditional way to make them is to deep fry them, which creates a crispy outer shell. I prefer to saute in olive oil. My friend Leslie like to bake them and she says they turn out very good. Ericlee will always request these if I let him choose dinner. Get the kids involved and make it an event.

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