Pregnancy: Trying for Healthy in the First Trimester

By Dorina Gilmore

We have a new healthy challenge in our family. This summer I found out I am pregnant with our second child. We are thrilled. Of course, the beginning of pregnancy never thrills me. For all you mamas out there who have experienced pregnancy before, you know that the first trimester can be a bear. I'm one of the blessed types that feels nauseated all day long for my first trimester - not just for that proverbial morning sickness. Let's just say it was a struggle to keep any food down.

That said, eating is key throughout pregnancy. I don't believe the people who say, "Eat what you want!" During my first pregnancy, I took those secret trips to Taco Bell and ate lots of ice cream. I thought it didn't matter. Now that I'm pregnant for a second time I want to work hard to eat good stuff. I truly believe that walnuts (good omega-3s) are going to make my baby smarter. I've done the research and I know that organic strawberries and blueberries (Vitamin C) are going to build good antibodies. I know oatmeal can help with milk supply for nursing mamas. In short, it does matter what you eat. I'm convinced.

Am I perfect? No way. In those first three months, pounding kale and spinach was not really high up on my list even though I knew the health benefits. My husband suggested salad and I felt like barfing. True confession time: I have to admit I did order a Little Caesar's pepperoni pizza and ate off it for 3 days. Everything else sounded and looked disgusting. Thank God, I made it through that phase.

After a few weeks of feeling sorry for myself, my husband and I went shopping and started the quest for healthy pregnancy mini-meals. News flash: Pregnancy is time to snack. I can never stomach a full-on meal without feeling the affects of heartburn, indigestion or worse. We decided it was time to find the stuff in the supermarket that looked really good to me and was really healthy for me and our baby.

Here are some ideas...

-Sliced peaches & cottage cheese
-Organic pretzels
-Organic Z-bars or Odwalla bars (always keep a stash in my purse)
-Hummus on pita bread
-Apple slices with peanut butter
-Nuts & raisins/other dried fruit (always keep a stash in the car)
-Mini bagel with cheese or almond butter
-Oatmeal Cookies packed with raisins and dark chocolate and other good stuff
-Kashi cheese crackers
-Organic yogurt
-Dark chocolate-covered frozen bananas
-Egg & cheese burritos

I'd love to hear from you. Any suggestions for great pregnancy snacks or what I call mini-meals? Let's encourage each other on this journey. Daddies, you can help too! I'm on to the second trimester now and I'm reveling in the idea of eating again!


The VM Family said...

With Delia, I constantly craved cold juicy things. I made a lot of mini-meals out of watermelon, cantelope and popsicles (real fruit juice or homemade from smoothies).

So glad to hear you are feeling better! And thanks for the pizza confession...your perfect diet is intimidating! :)

Love, Jen

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea!! Love the list of mini meals. I might have to try it next time instead of 2AM bean burritos from taco bell and an entire can of pillsbury cinnamon rolls!

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